Watch Out: You Might Have This Money Attitude

In an attempt to save money, you end up spending more

Olivia Marlene
2 min readSep 19, 2022


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Making my own rice cake story

One afternoon, I was craving for rice cakes. I have a choice to buy a pack in a nearby store at $1.40 or cook one of the boxed ready-to-cook rice cakes in the pantry. My frugal self said:

“Prepare your own”
“The rice cake mixture that you have only costs $1.00”

I abided by that little voice in my head.

I took out the butter, eggs, cheese, measuring cups, spoons, spatula, molds, and other utensils. My eyes went through the package instructions making sure that I got the liquid measurements accurately. I stirred the mixture thoroughly and evenly making sure it has no lumps. One by one I filled the molds with the sticky mixture. I steamed 3 batches of goodies for 30 minutes each.

After 2 hours, I’m done!

I did celebrate my imperfect rice cakes with coffee. I did celebrate but I didn’t enjoy it because I was already very tired. Eating while imagining the piles of baking utensils on the sink, you know what I mean.

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For wanting to save $0.40, I sacrificed 2 hours of my time cooking and another 30 minutes for washing and putting back the baking utensils.

I should have bought the yummy $1.40 rice cakes and used my 2 hours on something that could have paid me more than $1.40. If I chose the store-bought rice cakes, I could have enjoyed yummier rice cakes without the fuss. I could have supported a business and could have fulfilled a small role in supporting economic recovery after the pandemic.

Time and effort translate to money so you have to consider them when assessing whether you can save money in the long run.

My goodness! What’s wrong with me? It’s a passion for saving gone bad. It’s what I call, spending 10 to save 1. I admit, I’m guilty and I’m eliminating this behavior.



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