My Son Actually Believed This Joke

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This happened recently:

Mom: Son, you know, when lawyers die, they have to be buried in a standing position.

Son: Really mom! Why? What is the historical basis or reason for that? Saving a square foot of land? haha! Burying horizontally consumes more space, I’m just guessing. So when you die, you also wish to be buried standing?

Mom: [sensed that son is serious] Well, I’ll tell you the reason:

“Lawyers have to be buried in a standing position because when they die it will be their chance to stand…. because all their life they are lying” :D

Son: Hahaha! You got me!

Are lawyers really liars? Maybe that’s how people view lawyers because lawyers defend the accused of a crime. As a lawyer, you can’t refuse to render services to people who come to you asking to defend their rights.

Lawyers have a sworn duty to defend the rights of their clients in all ways honorable regardless of their opinion on the person’s guilt. Whether we like it or not, an accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. One has to prove the guilt of the accused beyond reasonable doubt before conviction.

Sometimes, I just have to live with it that I’m also tagged as a liar. :) Good thing I’m not a criminal lawyer. By the way, they also say that the term “criminal lawyer” is redundant. :D



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