My Best Performing Story Had 4.4K Views in 11 Months

Here’s how much I earned. Will it make you laugh or frown?

Olivia Marlene


Photo by maitree rimthong from Pexels

I don’t know how to tell jokes. This story is not a joke but it can be considered a joke as I know it will make you laugh.

My story below landed on the first page of Google because Medium has a high domain authority. Since the story is about a known case in the Philippines, I assume that it has been read extensively by law students of the country. However, reads from non-Medium members don’t generate income so I’ll just be content with the high views and reads.

So how much I earned with my 4.4k views and 1.3k reads with 3 minutes average reading time? Brace yourself, see the screenshot below:

Photo from Author

Final words:

A story can become popular but won’t give you a dollar

But continue writing as it has far more benefits than dollar earnings. We will all live to tell the tale. See you around, Medium friends!

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