I’m Reading Many Stories of Writers Leaving Medium

I don’t understand why

Olivia Marlene


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I don’t understand why. I don’t understand why they can’t just leave silently. I don’t understand why their rants sound like this platform owes them “something”. I don’t understand why they can’t just be grateful for the years that they enjoyed their best earnings on this platform.

Even during the days that I’m busy and I can’t write any story for Medium, I read stories here as my way to relax a bit. But it’s a little disappointing that I read 2–3 stories a day of people telling everyone that they are leaving because the platform is not how it used to be.

They rant that they don’t earn much anymore. Their views dropped. They blame the algorithm and all. I’m so sorry but I can feel some sense of self-entitlement. I don’t understand is why they have to play victims and that it’s Medium fault that they are leaving.

In my opinion, Medium can do whatever it wants for this platform. This is a business and not a charitable institution that is obliged to give us thousands of dollars per month like those good writers are used to receiving.

If you are not happy anymore, then stop paying your monthly membership fee and leave. Simple. If you are a good writer and you think Medium does not deserve you, then simply leave. You have a good future outside this platform, anyway.

Gratitude, my friends! If you don’t earn that much anymore, be grateful that there was a time that you earned loads of cash on this platform. Give the newbies a chance to thrive. A story of a bad Medium will dishearten someone who is still starting on this platform.

To new writers, keep going. Never mind the noise. Do your best. Whatever changes are made to the algorithm, it won’t change who you are. If you are good, then you are good. Be patient. It will pay off.

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Olivia Marlene

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