I'm Developing An Obsession With Medium

What will I do about it?

Olivia Marlene


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I deleted the Facebook app on my phone for 2 weeks now and I haven’t missed it a bit. I should have congratulated myself but no, thanks. Because I am battling another addiction or may I say obsession — reading stories on Medium.

I usually promise to read 1 story for the 5-minute break given by the Pomodoro technique. But what usually happens is it extends to 30 minutes. It's eating the entire 25 minutes that I am supposed to do the tasks I have in hand.

I can’t help it. Medium has a lot of content to offer. I can’t get enough of the productivity hacks and the book recommendations. Add to that the writing techniques, true crime stories, and even recipes!

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Aside from learning to use Grammarly, Hemingway editor, headline analyzers, and amassing so many many productivity hacks that I get to choose which personally, the skills that I’m gaining from Medium are now sending ripples to people surrounding me.

True Stories of Benefits:

I was able to write a story with a marketing tone

A write-up was submitted to my boss last week and she didn’t like it as it sounded too scholarly. She assigned me to revise and give it a marketing tone. It gave me stress for a while because I knew I couldn’t write a marketing article.

I tried to negotiate with my boss saying that I can only write rigid legal communications. But her word is final. She just said I have to try.

Light bulb moment: I opened Medium and started writing about the topic as if I am writing for a Medium story. I drafted it with a catchy headline, put a subtitle, and even inserted an image from Unsplash. Then I sent the draft link to my boss.

She liked it. It was a wow for her. I was very proud to have winged that story. It became possible because I used my Medium hat.

I was able to help my sons during their review



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