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A law abiding non-conformist. A lawyer by profession, a mom by nature. Her hobby is to challenge the norm. Reach her at:

And this is what happened

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I’m feeling stuck these past weeks. Work begins to feel routinary, easier but lifeless. The reimposed quarantine feels suffocating. I was left choosing between staring at my cellphone screen or to the blank walls of our house.

As to money matters, there has been the same money coming in every 15th and 30th, you know, I’m a salaried employee. Even budgeting became a memorized thing. I don’t even have to list if I want to, I knew the numbers even while sleeping. I think I’m really stuck. I want to have a little bit of excitement. …

I was so happy, I didn’t expect it at all

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This calls for a celebration! It’s only the 20th of September and I’m already on my very first $100 earning. I know this is a small amount compared to what others are raking in every month on this platform but it’s a milestone for me. I’ve been patiently writing on this platform for a year and have written my 100th story on my 1st anniversary but my average earning per month is only $19, the lowest being $3 and the highest is $68.

Afraid to die but prepared to die

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I know this is a bit morbid, but it’s just the non-conformist me. I’m afraid to die, but I have prepared everything in case I die. The fear has been my motivation to live well, work hard and build wealth. I was able to prepare for the best because I expected the worst. Starting to plan for my death at 23 made me live quite comfortably at this stage of my life.

I’ve seen the worst with relatives and acquaintances. A parent unexpectedly bid farewell to this life, and the kids are left crying and lost on how to go…

I finally tested a hack that worked

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I cooked dinner last night and I chopped onions without crying, again. This has been going on for a month and I’m in awe. Why not share it on Medium, I said.

I searched Medium for a story on this and I didn’t find any. Maybe no one has written about this as it’s too simple and readers may frown on why it is included in the realm of esteemed writers and intelligent readers. But I’m writing about it anyway.

I again checked Google for tips just to see what has been written about the topic and I did find…

For your reference

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If you are considering joining the Medium Partner Program to earn, yes, you will earn. I’m sure you have seen loads of stories telling you that they earn $1000 up. Those writers exist. They are really good and you can be like them. But you also have to manage your expectations.

On my first day on this platform, I promised to write 100 stories without expecting to earn. I said that I will consider my first 100 as my training. But I earned something from those stories. Not much, but it was something I am proud of.

I am fully…

Here’s how much I earned. Will it make you laugh or frown?

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I don’t know how to tell jokes. This story is not a joke but it can be considered a joke as I know it will make you laugh.

My story below landed on the first page of Google because Medium has a high domain authority. Since the story is about a known case in the Philippines, I assume that it has been read extensively by law students of the country. However, reads from non-Medium members don’t generate income so I’ll just be content with the high views and reads.

So how much I earned with my 4.4k views and 1.3k

People expect that you can do everything and forget that you are also a human

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When you are strong, cheerful, and successful, people think that the world is on your side or worst, that you own the world. They run to you, they ask for advice, money, and time. With your natural kindness, you accommodate all, you patiently listen and absorb some of their pains. Their loads are lightened, they go on with their day, but you are left burdened.

It's human nature to help. It feels good to be compassionate. But we should also know our threshold and care for ourselves first. Don’t give all out because when you start feeling weak, no one…

Debt is a tool: the greatest financial lesson I learned from my mom

Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels

When you don’t have money, use debt to get by. It seems not a bit of sound financial advice, but that is the greatest financial lesson that my mom taught me. When you have nothing, use debt to survive; when you have something, use debt to thrive.

Growing up, my mom didn’t tell me to avoid debt because it’s evil. What she taught me is the art of using debt. It was debt that fed us, clothe us, and sent us to school. My mom’s debt helped me finish college. It was a means that brought us from the bottom…

Gratitude, lessons, and realizations

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The purpose of this story is to thank you. I can’t imagine that I’ve come this far. Your claps and reads encouraged me to stay. I also learned a lot from the stories you share.

My greatest realization is: Writing is easier said than done. On my first story, I targeted writing 100 stories and monitor my progress. I thought I could easily write every day but here I am, struggling to finish this 100th piece so I can publish it today.

Writing on Medium has been therapeutic for me. I have written all that I wanted. I poured my…

Now, I can finally say that it was your loss

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To the school in my province who didn’t give me the opportunity that I deserve 20 years ago, I hate you but thank you!

I hate you for ignoring how good I was and for setting aside my potential to teach thousands of students in our province. I hate you for letting go of the opportunity that I could have contributed to the enhancement of the quality of education in our place. I hate you for not giving me a chance.

I had all the intentions to give back what the country has given me. As I finished my course…

Olivia Marlene

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